Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 19

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Blowin' in the wind

Blowin’ in the Wind

The song “Blowin’ in the wind” first appeared in Stereopony’s third album More! More!! More!!!.

The time that we’ve had up until now cannot be judged as long or short, but is it that have we figured out the question in our life to which we don’t always need an answer. Just taking the turns, either long or short, we would rather face life that comes straight at us. The view to the world is good but it is not the world we want to be in, and so, we are a little sorry about that. But the thing that we have is the answer we find in the wind as we smile an impatient smile and follow the direction of the strong air current!

Some of the answers are beyond all that we know but in the race of life, we don’t have the time to stop at all. So, as we are blowing in the wind, we have to keep looking for the answer! Even the tears we cry in the streets at night will be lost in the wind as the speed quickens.

Moving a bang of hair away from our view, could we notice the feelings that are important to us? Some of the answers will slip out of our fingers but with this impatient smile, we can continue to just go ahead and grin and give it our best. It is the driving force. We will continue grinning like this and never ever stop going after what we want!

The lyrics of this song are written by SHIHO and the music is written by AIMI. With this particular writing style, a strong force of life seems to draw out the strong adventurous fight to find the answers to questions that are beyond the world we know. With the use of English lyrics, it brings out the flavor of this fast paced song. The repetitions of the sound “dou?” is more of a question- “how are we doing?” and adds a rush of life to the lyrics. This song has a lot of parts that call for a squeal, singing aloud and a shout back. AIMI’s laugh at the end of the track adds a fun, lively feel to the song.

This song is a very super fun track. It makes you feel like running when you hear it the first time. The message is simple — to keep smiling and going ahead where the wind takes you. Just having a little faith in oneself and keep looking for the answers beyond whatever we know. Stereopony once breath life into a simple but great song with fast paced drumming and a very catchy and simple tune.

So, enjoy the nineteenth Stereopony Song of the Week. Follow your dreams just like Stereopony has!